Suspension & Steering Geometry (Front) | 4 Wheeler | Double Wishbone | Anti-Ackerman

In this video tutorial, i have shown how to make Front Suspension and Steering geometry of a 4 wheeler. Here, I have taken an All terrain Vehicle(ATV) suspension and steering system for reference, but same approach can be applied while designing for Standard cars and other vehicles. Only the parameters will change according to the type and dynamics of the vehicle.

Suspension type- Double Wishbone
Steering geometry type- Anti-ackerman

Model link:- Suspension and Steering Geometry [4 Wheeler]

Basic Parameters used :-
1. Wheelbase= 55 inches
2. Trackwidth= 52 inch (Front and Rear same)
3.Front Ground clearance= 15 inches
4. Rear Ground clearance= 14 inches
5. KPI angle= 7°
6. Castor angle= 12°
7. Knuckle length= 6 inches
8. Spindle length= 120 mm
9. Spindle length (for wheel nut)= 75 mm
10. Steering Arm length= 80 mm
11. Steering Arm angle with spindle= 110°
12. Tyre Outer Diameter= 23 inches

Please note that these parameters are used just for educating and learning purpose. Concrete calculations and certain other important factors related to Vehicle dynamics and Handling along with suspension analysis are considered and performed before designing any suspension and steering system of any vehicle.
But these values are close to the standard industry values. I also used them in various college level projects. So they can be used as reference values.

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