T-FLEX CAD 17 Basics

The tutorial includes 5 videos that will show you how to work with the interface of the T-FLEX 17 CAD system.

Download the free training version of T-FLEX CAD 17: https://www.tflex.com/resources/tflexcadst/

  1. Step 1: Main Window Interface

    Video shows T-FLEX CAD interface.

  2. Step 2: Main Window Navigation

    Video shows navigation in main window of T-FLEX CAD

  3. Step 3: Main Window Control

    Video shows operating with different windows in T-FLEX CAD

  4. Step 4: System Customization

    Video shows how to operate with T-FLEX CAD Settings.

  5. Step 5: 3D Model and Drawing Parameters

    Video shows customization of 3D model and drawing parameters.