[Tutorial]Design a SSD cover with Assembly Protected feature in CATIA 3DExperience


Dear CATIA Fans,

Today's video is about keeping link between parts in CATIA 3DExperience R19x.

The video is divided in 3 Parts:
1) First, you will make the plastic cover part using 2 different bodies (cover and ribs). You will use the union trim feature to assemble the 2 bodies and obtain a nice result ;)

2) One method to to remove the SSD from the Cover is to Copy/Paste Special "as result" the SSD body into the Cover 3DShape and remove it from the PartBody.

3) The second method to achieve this result is to use the feature Protected in Assembly Design. The result is very similar, but you also have the option for offsetting a surface around the part.

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  1. Step 1: Video

  2. Step 2: Design a SSD

    * Better to watch video *

    Create a 3DPart called "SSD"

    Draw a rectangle in a sketch 100*70mm

    Create a pad 4,5mm

    Add some fillets on the Corners

    Save the Part

    * the result should be similar to that part *

  3. Step 3: Create the Plastic Cover [Part 1]

    Create a new 3DPart called "Plastic cover SSD"

    Insert a new body in the 3dshape called "cover"

    Draw a rectangle in a sketch 150*100mm

    Create a pad 15mm

    Add fillets (7,5mm) on bottom and edges

    Use the Shell feature (1mm) on the top surface

    * the result should be similar to that *

  4. Step 4: Create the Plastic Cover [Part 2]

    Insert another body called *Ribs* in the 3DShape

    Draw some intersected lines and circle on a sketch

    Create a Pad (20mm) with the option thick neutral fiber 1mm

    * the ribs needs to be longer than the cover *

    On the pad Panel, select -1mm in second limit

    * you should obtain this result *

  5. Step 5: Create the Plastic Cover [Part 3]

    * now you have 2 bodies: Cover and Ribs - we will merge them together *

    Go to Structure tab in the action bar

    Select the feature Union Trim

    Select the Ribs and the cover

    In the area "faces to remove" -> select the bottom face of the ribs

    * in that way, you keep the ribs only inside the plastic cover *

    * here is the result *

  6. Step 6: Method 1: Remove SSD with Copy/Paste Special

    Create an physical product called "Assembly SSD Cover"

    Insert the plastic cover in the assembly

    In the engineering connections panel, fix the plastic cover

    Insert the SSD part in the assembly

    Move the SSD using the robot

    * make sure to put the SSD inside the ribs, but still over the cover *

    Then expand the SSD part in the tree structure

    Copy the PartBody

    Go back to the Plastic SSD Cover part

    Right click on the 3DShape and select Paste Special "as result with link"

    -> the SSD body is copied to the 3Dshape

    * the 3DShape with have a small green diamond next to it to show that you have a link with another part *

    Go to Structure tab in the action bar

    Add the Cover to the Part Body

    Remove the SSD body to the Part body

    -> the cover should have the print mark of the SSD

    * With method 1 you obtain this result *

    -> If you move the SSD, the cover will be updated with the new position of the SSD

  7. Step 7: Method 2: Remove the SSD with Protected Feature

    Delete the remove feature and the SSD body in order to reset the assembly

    Update the the assembly to make sure everything is set to normal


    * The second method consist to add a 3Dshape to the assembly and use the protected feature between the SSD and the cover *

    * make sure that you are in Assembly Design application *

    Insert a 3Dshape in the top product

    Call it "Cut"

    In Assembly tab, select the Assembly protected feature

    select the Cur 3Dshape

    * a panel appears *

    go to "Body" tab

    in External Shape, select the part body of the SSD part

    You can also select a value for offsetting the SSD external surface -> put 2mm

    * The preview should give you this *

    Click on OK

    * a panel appears, this one ask you which part should be impacted with the protected feature *

    Click on Preset by Clash

    -> The Plastic cover will be automatically selected

    * now you have a small gap between the SSD and the Plastic Cover *

    -> If you move the SSD, the cover will be updated with the new position of the SSD

    • End of tutorial