Use Ansys SpaceClaim to Model Twisted Pair Wire

Before I know how to do it, I cannot get any useful tips while I googling, it seems very hard. But it is very easy now. This tutorial will help you to model a simple twisted pair wire, for detailed twisted pair wire you can explore it by yourself.

A model which modeled by this tutorial is in this linked page: W-1930-1575 Twisted Pair Wire.

  1. Step 1: Draw a point on a plane.

  2. Step 2: Use pull -> Sweep Helix along a line or an axis to model a helix line.

  3. Step 3: Click plane in the tool pane. Click the starting point of the previous modeled helix line to get a plane normal to the helix wire ending.

  4. Step 4: Draw a circle which it's radius is the wire out dimmension on the plane.

  5. Step 5: End sketch editing to get a surface.

  6. Step 6: Use pull tool to get a wire.

  7. Step 7: Copy and paste the previous modeled wire.

  8. Step 8: Change the view to normal to the surface of the wire.

  9. Step 9: Select and rotate the pasted wire to 180 degree.

  10. Step 10: Now ,you get a twisted pair wire.