[VIDEO] Topology Optimization on a Bracket

Hello Everyone,

This new video is an introduction to Topology Optimization on the 3DExperience Release 19x.

Functional Generative Design application brings the best of CATIA (design) and SIMULIA (topology optimization) in order for you to create light and robust parts.

This video will show you the entire topology optimization process on a aluminium bracket that can handle 500N (50kg).

You will see how to create a design space and add the functional regions.

Then you will create a mesh, add loads and constraints and run a structural simulation.

After that you will setup the topology optimization parameters and run the job.

The result will be a lighter version of the part. you can run another simulation to validate the result.

The organic geometry will be automatically generated. This result can be used for 3D Printed.

However if you do not have a 3D Printer, it is also possible to generate a prismatic solid based on machining rules.

Hope you will enjoy this video!

Find the 3D Model on this GrabCad link: Topology optimization brackets

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