What is 'BobCAD-CAM' and how to start up with it?

Introduction to 'BobCAD-CAM' and how this how to create a basic drawing using this software.

  1. Step 1: What is 'BobCAD-CAM' ?

    BobCAD-CAM is again an integrated CAD-CAM software package which has both CAD functions as well as advanced CAM features. BobCAD-CAM is integrated with many 2D and 3D solid modelling features, along with easy sketch-up functions, and it's inbuilt advanced CAM functions which supports with almost all the CNC controllers manufactured around the world. According to my working experience on this software, this software has excellent CAM functions, more than it's CAD features. Attached is the first screen or the first interface screen of BobCAD-CAM v 27.

  2. Step 2: Creating a square in BobCAD-CAM.

    In this step, first I'm going to teach you how to select and draw a auto square.

    Once the first screen is loaded, then select [Other] at the Menu bar, and then select [Rectangle].

  3. Step 3:

    Then you'll see a window popped up on the left hand side. using this window you can specify the [Length], [Width], and [Position].

  4. Step 4:

    Then you need to click [OK] one time and then [Cancel].

  5. Step 5:

    And then finally you'll see the [Square] created.

    I hope, you managed to follow this tutorial, and please ask me for any questions if there is any thing un-clarified.