ZW3D Modeling 3D Key Tutorial

Learn zw3d modeling tutorial how to create 3d key with some basic command, check it out!!!

  1. Step 1: Creating 2D Sketch

    With reference image you can create 2d sketch by using line, circle and trim command. We can start by create 5 circle objects and some use tangent options.

    Next create line object and move into center. You can use line command to connect from line into circle by tangent options. After it we can use trim command to cut circle object.

    Use circle command to create circle with radius 8 in all center point

    The last, you can create 2d sketch with draw tools, next use quick dimension to specify length of lines objects

  2. Step 2: Convert To 3D Solid

    First close sketch, and you can use extrude command.

    Select profile, and use options only select back region. After it you can extrude with extrusion 8

    Use extrude command again, and you can click profile and use options to select front region. Extrude with extrusion 3. After it you can move to z axis with distance 2.5, so the object will be at center.

    Finally use fillet command with radius 2 to fillet surrounding back body edges

  3. Step 3: Video Tutorial ZW3D 3D Key

    This is video tutorial how to create 3d key with ZW3D