How to Use Adaptive Slice in GrabCAD Print

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Adaptive Slice is a new software feature in GrabCAD Print that automatically changes the slice height of your FDM part depending on a number of aspects in order to save on time while still keeping the finer details and overall quality. Learn how to enable the new feature in this tutorial!

JP_008_GrabCAD Print: アダプティブ・スライスの使い方

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アダプティブスライスは、GrabCAD Printの新しいソフトウェア機能です。FDM部品のスライス高さをさまざまな要素に応じて自動的に変更します。造形時間を短縮しながらも、細かなディテールと全体としての品質を維持することを目的としています。このチュートリアルでは、この新機能を有効にする方法について説明します。

Vibratory Finishing for Rigid PolyJet Parts

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Polishing PolyJetTM 3D Printed parts in a vibratory finishing system (also known as a tumbler) improves their surface finish by removing minor surface irregularities and sharp edges. With this process you can save time and manual labor, especially when dealing with large quantities or complex models. A tumbler system can polish multiple parts, hands-free, in only a few hours, depending on the size of the parts and the tumbler. This method is usually performed on metal parts, but it was tested on PolyJet models from the Digital ABSTM and VeroTM material families and found suitable.