Chopper bike frame design in CATIA using structure design

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This video contains step by step procedure to design a chopper bike frame design using catia structure design. "Practice Makes Perfect" Ganesh

CATIA - Electrical enclosure roof design using sheetmetal design

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This video contains step by step procedure to create an electrical enclosure roof using CATIA sheet metal design.

How to make: This model for beginners 10 / Como hacer: Esta pieza para principiante 10 / Autodesk Inventor

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In this video I´m going to show you how to make this piece, from the studycadcam blog´s drawing number 658 in Autodesk Inventor 2022. You´ll learn to use dimensions and constrain on sketch, Split on a sketch, use a simple sketch for diferent funcions or applications, extrude in 3D mode and fillets. You can find this piece and the drawing in my grabcad profile https://grabcad.com/alejandra.cervantes.tetrika.mexico-1 or in the blog https://studycadcam.blogspot.com. En este video les mostrare como hacer esta pieza, del plano número 658, del blog de studycadcam, en Autodesk Inventor 2022. Aprenderán a usar cotas y restricciones en un croquis o sketch, cortar líneas y circunferencias en un croquis usar un solo croquis para varias funciones o aplicaciones, extrusión en 3D y redondeos. Puedes encontrar esta pieza y el plano en mi perfil de grabcad: https://grabcad.com/alejandra.cervantes.tetrika.mexico-1 o en la página del blog https://studycadcam.blogspot.com.

CATIA - Electrical enclosure assembly using sheetmetal design

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This video contains step by step procedure to create an electrical enclosure assembly using CATIA sheet metal design.

Engranaje recto en Autodesk Inventor

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En este video tutorial aprenderás a usar la herramienta de engranaje recto de Autodesk Inventor LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK7xQLQM_II&t=39s

Design Bolt in CATIA

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How to create bolt in CATIA

Solid to Surfaces AutoCAD | Apply Material AutoCAD | Convert Solid Objects to Surfaces | CADable | CADable tutorials

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Welcome back to CADable! I'm Engr. Ibrahim Omer, and in this tutorial, we'll cover two essential topics in AutoCAD. First, we'll explore the process of converting solids to surfaces, and then we'll delve into applying materials in AutoCAD. This concise video tutorial is designed to provide you with a clear understanding of these concepts. To begin, I'll demonstrate how to create a solid box and then apply materials to it using the MAT command. Following that, we'll move on to converting the solid object into surfaces using the explode command. Moreover, I'll guide you through the process of applying materials to individual surfaces resulting from the explosion. Join me on this learning journey, where I aim to simplify these techniques and help you master solid-to-surface conversions and material applications in AutoCAD. Don't forget to leave your feedback and suggestions in the comments—I greatly value your input. Subscribe to our channel to stay updated with future tutorials, and let's enhance our AutoCAD skills together! Follow our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/CADable​​​ #solidtosurfacesautocad #applymaterialautocad #autocad3dmodelingtips #CADable #autocadpracticeexercises #cadabletutorials

How to Create Responsive Sheet Metal Using Rules and Dimension in Autodesk Inventor

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In this video, I demonstrate the creation of a sheet metal box that responds to changes in a single parameter (dimension) and automatically generates different configurations of the box as the size increases or decreases