Learn FreeCAD | Hand Trolley Design

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Trolley design in FreeCAD|Learn FreeCAD please all dimension divide by 2.5 It's Assumed dimensions not actual,this tutorial only for how to create this design in freecad software In this part we learn how to provide angle in datum plane and many tools FreeCAD is a free and open-source general-purpose parametric 3D computer-aided design modeler and a building information modeling software with finite element method support. Initial release: 29 October 2002; 17 years ago Stable release: 0.18.4 / 26 October 2019; 7 months ago Downloads FreeCAD software from this https://www.freecadweb.org/downloads.php

Synchronize electronic and mechanical CAD with KiCad StepUp workbench

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In this tutorial we will make a STEP or IGES file of PCB designed with KiCad EDA. Then PCB will be operable with CAD software. For that we will see how to associate KiCad footprints to proper 3D file (step 1 to 5) and then use KiCad StepUp workbench to load PCB and export it to desired format (step 6 to 9). To follow it, you must have at your disposal complete electronics board project on KiCad.

Laser cutting Christmas tree

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This quick tutorial show how to make a relief Chrismas tree, which can be produced by laser cutting. For this we will only use the Part Design workbench. The whole procedure will not be detailed but only the essential steps to understand how to do it.

MetalWB, for welding part design

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This tutorial introduces the newly developed MetalWB workbench. MetalWB aims to facilitate the design of welding part with new functions and by grouping existing functions.

Mechanical stress simulation (FreeCAD 0.19 • FEM Workbench )

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This tutorial give an overview of FEM Workbench on FreeCAD 0.19 which allows mechanical analysis by the finite element method. We will look at the steps to follow to applies a force of given value [N] to selected target geometry. Then perform a finite element analysis without going into details of the calculations.

Create a spring with FreeCAD

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a step by step tutorial for creating a spring with the open source program FreeCAD

Freecad - repairing 3D files for 3D printing.

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Using Freecad to heal 3D models that are created in other 3D application. Ideal for those who use sketchup to create 3D objects and export them as stl files.

Welded coffee table

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In this tutorial we will look at how to use the 'WarehouseProfiles' function in the MetalWB workbench to create a simple welded structure. We will also see how to insert a cutting list into the drawing using the FCTreeView macro and Techdraw.