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Hello, I have been working professionally on technical drawing and design since 1993 I have worked on a wide variety of projects. I am a freelancer Nice to talk and learn with everyone. f.sogukkuyu@gmail.com

Como dimensionar la matriz y los punzones de un troquel de corte

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Con este tutorial pretendemos explicar como dimensionar la matriz y los punzones de un troquel de corte, garantizando la tolerancia de fabricación de la pieza así como logrando la mayor vida útil del troquel.

Autodesk Inventor Part And Assembly Design Exercises Tutorial

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autodesk inventor Part Design & Assembly Learn In easy Way. Training Video For professional Designer. See All Design To Learn to Design and assemble The Parts in Diff Ways And Methods. Check The Playlist For More Updates In all Kind Of Design Software Subscribe.


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The lever with a spring two-position


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