IronCAD - Top 10 Tips

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Ten top tips for IronCAD

How to create a perforated sheet metal

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could be that you want to use rectangular patern. by creating one hole and copying it over the surface of the sheet. i actually never use sheet metal parts but here it goes.

IronCAD - Linked Cross Sections

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Create independent parts all driven by the one linked cross section

IronCAD - Using the Co-ordinate system to create a section

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Use the Co-Ordinate systems to create a section plane. This is a handy alternative the section tool, as it does not cut the solid model.

IronCAD - Multifeature part from one Cross Section

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Create a pipe section with flanges at each end, using one circle to drive the bore diameter with flange OD offset from this.

Tutorial: How to create a helix along a 3D curve

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Look the video. Important moments: - The orientation of cross section - Twist profile angle must be more then 360 Angel: 360*15 = 5400, Where 15 - number of coils Result file: http://grabcad.com/library/tutorial-how-to-create-a-helix-along-a-3d-curve-1

IRONCAD Training 01-04 | Drag & Drop Modeling

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Four videos that describes the Drag & Drop Modeling basics in IRONCAD.