Smoking Shelter

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Building the smoking shelter. I have full workshop drawings for making all of the parts. Contact me at gbm60@hotmail.com if you are interested in making the first real one.

How to use Welding

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In the ProE and Creo is possible to create different types of Welds. System automatically calculate with used materials and Weld process. This information is possible to show in the Weld symbol and drawings.

Make Logo With Pro-E Wildfire 4.

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Video is to demonstrate how to make logo with Pro-E Wildfire 4. (Speed Video)

how to edit extrude without deleting pattern

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I can help you

can you give drawing models with dimensions to practice?

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practice models

ProE Tutorial: How to create parameter for Pattern feature / sampling

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Step for reproduce: How to create parameter for Pattern feature / sampling

How to make belt mechanism in pro e wildfire 4

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here is the tutorial link Asif.... search on GrabCAD or try on google.....

solidworks 2010 to proe wildfire5

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First you have to save the part ans the assembly files in either step or iges format . This can be done by using the save as option and selecting the file type. then you can open that part or assembly in most of the modelling softwares such as pro e creo nx etc

How to place an Isometric View of a Part in Drawing Sheet.

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I got the answer myself watch the associated video. In the end of the video I have show how to do so......

how to make pattern along a curve?

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The answer is here.

Using a reference image in pro e & creo elements to create a logo or symbol

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create logos or symbols by tracing the imported image by following the steps below..

Using a reference image in pro e & creo elements to create a logo or symbol

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How can a hole be created on a cylinder?

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It's easy to create the holes on the cylinder. follow these steps.

How to use helical sweep cut to make threads in Pro-E\Creo ??

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Ok lets get started... Used a simple bolt....

how to create boundry blend in pro e

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Here is a small tutorial to create Boot using Boundary Blend command !!!!!!!!