Proper Method to Produce Lobster-back Duct Bends

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One type of industrial component I have been involved with the design and manufacture of is lobster-back bends. This type of duct bend is made up of segments cut from flat sheets or plates, rolled into cylindrical parts, then assembled. These can be light sheet-metal or manufactured from thick plate. This quick tutorial is a supplement to the one I produced an outline of a method I have used modeling this type of component using Alibre Design. As this supplement concerns producing parts ready for manufacture and applies to whatever software you have used, that is not important as this short tutorial is to outline turning your modeled bend into the flat profile ready to be made into the completed bend. In this modern world, the bend parts will be cut out using CNC laser, or CNC Plasma cutting machines. Sometimes we produce the nc programs ourselves or we are required to produce the correct files for the laser / plasma department to program and cut out. Making the program to cut out the parts starts normally from a 2D dxf file at a scale of 1 : 1. This is the first part of the process that has to be correct. If you produce this dxf incorrectly the finished parts will be useless. Producing this at the right scale, 1 : 1 is different with different 3D cad applications, other problems can be caused by you working in different drawing units. If you are not doing the program, talk to the person who is to make sure you produce the dxf as required. Having a large quantity of wrongly cut parts is not a good thing


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The monograph discusses the features of the use of additive technologies in the scientific-educational process of the University. Areas of application of 3D modeling and prototyping related to training students. The training course is based on examples of virtual modeling and design toys aimed at the development of scientific and technical creativity of children, educational models, and also finished products and their components, including logos, emblems.

T-FLEX CAD 17 Basics

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The tutorial includes 5 videos that will show you how to work with the interface of the T-FLEX 17 CAD system. Download the free training version of T-FLEX CAD 17: https://www.tflex.com/resources/tflexcadst/

T-FLEX CAD 16. 3D model of the flange. Primitive

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Commands that unite the Primitive group allow you to create basic geometric bodies: Parallelepiped, Cylinder, Cone, Ball, Torus, Prism and Pyramid without creating additional construction elements. Source: https: //www.tflexcad.ru/help/cad/15/index.html? Primitive.htm Link to the lesson: 1

Создание ролика в T-FLEX CAD 17

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В ходе урока вы познакомитесь с основными методами и принципами работы в T-FLEX CAD 17 на практическом примере.

Lobsterback Duct Bends Sheetmetal Method

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This is the method I use to construct lobster back bends with sheet metal tools that I can produce flat patterns from, These flat patterns can then be used to produce files for CNC profile cutting machines. I have come across other ways of doing this using surfaces, thickened and turned into sheet metal parts. The software I am using is Alibre Design. As the version I have is low on surfacing tools I have found this a good way to model lobster back bends, which I have been involved with the design and manufacture for many years.

T-FLEX CAD 17 - Создание 3D модели фланца

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Урок помогает овладеть базовыми инструментами работы в T-FLEX CAD 17. С помощью видео вы построите 3D модель фланца, а также создадите его 2D проекцию.


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T-FLEX CAD 17 - Базовые инструменты 3D моделирования

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Видео демонстрирует процесс создания 3D модели типовой детали "Фланец" различными способами. Рассматриваются методы построения 3D профилей, а также работа команд Вращение, Отверстие и Сглаживание рёбер. Для работы установите бесплатную версию T-FLEX CAD 17 - https://www.tflexcad.ru/download/t-flex-cad-free/

How to make a parametric model of the spring in the T-FLEX Parametric CAD 2D/3D?

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oh yes!

Tutorial: How to behaves the option "path of pipe" in the T-FLEX Parametric CAD

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a video tutorial can be found here http://youtu.be/VaIJWryiwBM