Make a Motorcycle in TinkerCAD

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Design a motorcycle in TinkerCAD. Step by Step instructions that are written for middle school aged students. If you have dual screens, watch on one, complete on the other. Otherwise, watch a little, then do a little. If you make something awesome, share an image @HLModtech on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

scaling in Tinker CAD

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How to use TinkerCAD.

Exercise 4

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Beginner's exercise video in Onshape.

Onshape Exercise 6

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Beginner's exercise videos in Onshape.


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Don't need to download any software, it is freely available online This tutorial will help to design 3D blocks very easily , just go through my video lectures on Tinkercad on my youtube channel

How to change measurement units in Onshape?

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Video tutorial to learn how to change units in Onshape.

Onshape Exercise 5

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Beginner's exercise videos in Onshape.

Anyone have "complex" Loft examples?

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Thanks Tajusyed. Here is one I tried and it worked!