Basic Symbols Used in Engineering Drawings

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Learn about the ways these common features are described in drawings. Counterbore Countersink Spotface Depth Diameter Radius I should also mention that I did not create this course, I just found it online and thought it was pretty well done. https://www.wisc-online.com/learn/career-clusters/stem/eng16204/basic-symbols-used-in-engineering-drawings

Tutorial: how to easily produce a picture to upload with your model

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Most of the CAD systems provide a command to save as an image the current view. Usually, this command is available in the "save as" menu or in the option menu

Metric taper

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It is a simple description of the ISO 3040 taper ratio and an application to the ISO 5356.

How do you measure an item in a photo?

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How do you measure an item in a photo? using imagej English language tutorial https://youtu.be/VcQAnfpNwzw


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Plastic Injection Molding Flexible Core


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Wardrobe Detailing and design

Orthographic projection. First & Third angle.

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A description of how to develop first and third angle projection drawings. See models in 3-D with my CAD Models.

TV unit

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drafting tv unit