Solid Edge Assembly & Motion Animation video tutorials

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Hello everyone, I am a Solid Edge user, I would like to share my knowledge about Solid Edge Assembly & Motion Animation and hopefully my video tutorials will help someone who is learning Solid Edge.

Introduction to Dynamic Simulation [Part 4]

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Greetings 3DExperience Fans :) This video is the 4th part of our Introduction to Dynamic Simulation on CATIA 3DExperience R2021x. The topic of this new video is Axial Spring in Mechanism Systems Experience. The example that can well illustrate axial spring is a Ratchet Wheel. In one direction the wheel turn but in the other it is blocked by a pawl and cannot rotate. The spring is essential for the pawl to be in contact with the ratchet wheel. In this demonstration, you will create engineering connections, contacts and a spring. After doing that you will create a Dynamic scenario, but this time no need of gravity excitation, since it will not impact too much the result. Instead you will use a motor excitation on the Ratchet Wheel and study the motion of the Pawl. After running the scenario Mechanical Systems Experience, you will extract the traces of the pawl to improve the design. You will replace the motor by a position motor to rotate the wheel in both direction in order block the ratchet wheel with the pawl. To obtain good result you will play with the penetration max of the Simpletic Euler mode. Enjoy and remember to stay home! Hope this video will be helpful for you to learn more about 3DExperience :D Please Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe ;)