How to Raise Your GrabCAD Score

76 33 Beginner
Your score on GrabCAD is not terribly important, but it is nice to have a better score, and not be "ranked" dead last on a site with four million users. What can you do to increase your score?

Axial Deformation: Manual Calculations vs SolidWorks Simulation

25 15 Beginner
Axial Deformation manual calculation vs CAD simulation of aluminum tapered strap

Flexure Stress: Manual vs CAD Simulation

11 11 Intermediate
Flexure Stress in a Function Defined Cross-section Cantilever Manual Calculations vs. Simulation in SolidWorks

Cross & Dot Product Validated in 3D CAD

37 10 Beginner
Steps in Validating M = r X F and Maxis = U ●{​r X F}​ using 3D CAD (SolidWorks) Using problem 3-43 and 3-44 from Hibbeler Statics & Mechanics of Materials 5th Edition.

Area Moment of Inertia: Manual Calculation vs CAD

7 8 Beginner
Area Moment of Inertia: Manual Calculations Validated in CAD (SolidWorks)

I Built a Military Robot

42 6 Intermediate
Mobile, military robot optimized for use in desert environments which can be controlled remotely or autonomously and can collect/ stream video to a VR headset via its front mounted camera. The method of movement is a continuous track, created using steel roller chain connected by fasteners with 3D printed links. These loops sit on a custom designed drive sprocket and idler sprocket with 4 shock absorber loaded roller pins that act as the suspension system. The drive motors are powered by '18650' batteries, directed by a raspberry pi 4 and connected to a motor controller. For connectivity, a mobile device can connect to the pi's external antenna as it is a WiFi access point. From here, directions can be sent to the robot from the mobile device using the Node Red GUI and additionally, the entirety of the main raspberry pi computer can be accessed for the use of sending custom commands for autonomous movement.

Axle Load in a Railway.

2 5 Beginner
General considerations about axle load in a railway and its importance in the design. Axle load is the weight on the two wheels joined by an axle. (static vertical load per axle); It is, basically, the total weight bearing on the track. If you have two wheels attached to an axle, with an AXLE LOAD P =225 kN, you have a load in each wheel of Q = P/2

Designing a Hirth Spline

18 4 Beginner
Solidworks + Excel instruction on how to design a Hirth Spline. Background on Hirth Splines: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hirth_joint The basic idea of a Hirth spline / Hirth Joint is that the whole geometry is defined from a combination of a single reference point and a grinding/cutting geometry. Two Hirth splines with the same basic tooth geometry will match to form a secure joint that can transfer torque and allows for accurate alignment of parts. Hirth splines and joints are often used in turbomachinery to accurately align various shaft parts and transfer torque.