How to Convert 2D Images into 3D STL Files

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There are several ways to create 3D models from BMP images. This tutorial explains how to do this by converting a BMP file to an STL file. The following content was taken from Stratasys' Resources Center

Designing a Firearms Magazine

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This tutorial will cover design of a slightly above basic firearms magazine. The concepts touched on here cover both simpler designs, and more complex.

Convert Navisworks file to STEP. file?

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https://grabcad.com/library/navisworks-file-nwd-to-step-1 Follow easy steps to get STEP. file from NWD. file.

How to design a Wankel or any other rotary engine

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This tutorial describes the mathematical background of the rotary mechanism. It is not a software specific tutorial, a model can be realized with any program that can read coordinates from a file. (There are other tutorials for importing such as: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/tutorial-how-to-import-points-to-solidworks-from-a-text-file or https://grabcad.com/tutorials/how-to-import-points-from-ms-excel-in-nx)

Hydraulic Power Pack Design Calculations

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We will learn all design calculations required to design a Power Pack. 1. Motor Power 2. Flow rate 3. Pump capcity 4. Tank Capacity Download excel calculator for same here.- http://bit.ly/2tQfaO1 Watch Tutorial here- https://youtu.be/D3hSZxLwcww Hydraulic Power Pack Design Calculations Part 2

DIN 580

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Suspension Bolt

Designing a Hirth Spline

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Solidworks + Excel instruction on how to design a Hirth Spline. Background on Hirth Splines: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hirth_joint The basic idea of a Hirth spline / Hirth Joint is that the whole geometry is defined from a combination of a single reference point and a grinding/cutting geometry. Two Hirth splines with the same basic tooth geometry will match to form a secure joint that can transfer torque and allows for accurate alignment of parts. Hirth splines and joints are often used in turbomachinery to accurately align various shaft parts and transfer torque.

Designing Axial Static O-ring Grooves to "Industry Standards"

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This Covers 2/3 of everything I know about designing O-ring seals. I frequently used these while designing production tools. Most the design is based on the standards that are put forth by SAE. Personally, I be going over the reiteration by Parker since it's what I learned. Other references include the Apple Rubble Product and Trelleborg for their proprietary O-ring Gland Calculators, and the help they gave me in building my own. Links to their websites are found in Section 5. All design in this lesson is for "Static Axial Design under normal conditions”. Disclaimer: while I have completed a BS in Mechanical Engineering and have passed the FE, I am not a PE. While these calculations are standard, published, and I personally have used these practices to design multiple high-pressure tools, I cannot guarantee that they a perfect. If you are in doubt, in a hazardous environment, or using in an application that could cause harm to life, I would suggest double checking with other sources (engineering) and/or extensive testing. Also, my experience is in Oil and gas, in the continental USA. You may notice my practices being bias to API standards and in English Units, I suggest you take all I say with a grain of salt. Lesson Plan: Step 1: Background and Definitions Step 2: Finding a Published O-ring Gland and incorporating it into a design. Step 3: Designing Custom Groove using the Standards Step 4: Other Design Recommendations and Drafting Example Step 5: References and Useful links A copy of the files can be found at: https://grabcad.com/library/how-to-design-an-o-ring-gland-to-industry-standards-parts-and-photos-1

Involute profile in splines (1)

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This is a short description of how involute profiles are used in splines like DIN 5480, DIN 5482, ISO 4256, and ANSI 92.1

Excel Calculator for Motor & Gear Box Selection Conveyor Calculations

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In this video you will learn how to select motor & gear Box for a Chain Conveyor. Also a excel calculator is provided for understanding. Sheet will be as below link http://bit.ly/2LtKWe3

Gear Basics Part 2

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We will start off this second gear design tutorial by looking at a few design factors we need to consider when designing a serviceable gear train.

How to Raise Your GrabCAD Score

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Your score on GrabCAD is not terribly important, but it is nice to have a better score, and not be "ranked" dead last on a site with four million users. What can you do to increase your score?

Area Moment of Inertia: Manual Calculation vs CAD

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Area Moment of Inertia: Manual Calculations Validated in CAD (SolidWorks)


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