Basic Symbols Used in Engineering Drawings

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Learn about the ways these common features are described in drawings. Counterbore Countersink Spotface Depth Diameter Radius I should also mention that I did not create this course, I just found it online and thought it was pretty well done. https://www.wisc-online.com/learn/career-clusters/stem/eng16204/basic-symbols-used-in-engineering-drawings

How to Orient a 3D Printed Part for Smooth Finishing

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This tutorial will show you the best practices for orienting a part in order to achieve a smooth finish.

Metric taper

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It is a simple description of the ISO 3040 taper ratio and an application to the ISO 5356.

How do you measure an item in a photo?

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How do you measure an item in a photo? using imagej English language tutorial https://youtu.be/VcQAnfpNwzw


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Plastic Injection Molding Flexible Core

Solidworks drawings tutorial

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In this video I will be showing you how to make a professional drawing in Solidworks 2017 So I am showing you exactly these things here: 1) Make drawing from part 2) Make auxiliary view 3) Section view 4) Detail view 5) Geometric Tolerance 6) Surface Finish 7) Tolerance/Precision 8) Edit sheet Format 9) Converting the SLDDRW file to PDF file 10) Fliping Cutting line direction 11) Use the view palette

Orthographic projection. First & Third angle.

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A description of how to develop first and third angle projection drawings. See models in 3-D with my CAD Models.

TV unit

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drafting tv unit

Tutorial: how to easily produce a picture to upload with your model

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Most of the CAD systems provide a command to save as an image the current view. Usually, this command is available in the "save as" menu or in the option menu


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Wardrobe Detailing and design

Dynamic Block Creation (Linear Stretch)

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For example, during mechanical design, we often need change the position as well as the dimension of the keyway. In this section, we will add Linear stretch function for the keyway on the step shaft.

Photogrammetry tutorial

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This is a photogrammetry tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHfMXTgCM7g&ab_channel=BackyardGarage