Basic Tutorial for AutoCAD

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This Tutorial will give you idea about basic introduction about AutoCAD, user guide tutorial for tools, best practices, applications. This tutorial is the web series for basic AutoCAD so follow up for the next file. Hit like if it is useful.

Dynamic Block in Autocad

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This tutorial demonstrate "How to create dynamic block for scaling of a circle"

How to change view in AutoCAD 3D Modeling?

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This tutorial will show you how to change views in AutoCAD when you are drawing a 3D model.

Using Blender for Technical design

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Blender 3D may seem for non-user quite difficult to approach, and yet there are a lot of ways to use it accuratly with measures and tree function structure. This tutorial will design a precise screw. It is a near way of approaching technical design. Yes, it will not be as quite easy as solidwork or others, but the aim is to be more precise with blender.

Converting 2D drawing to 3D Model in AutoCAD 2007

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This is a tutorial showing how to convert 2D projected drawings to a 3D model on AutoCAD 2007

How to draw a star in any CAD software?

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This tutorial will show you how to draw a star in AutoCAD,SOLIDWORKS etc...

AutoCAD | 3D Part and 3D Dimensioning

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How to give dimensions on 3D part in AutoCAD.

Loft feature in AutoCAD

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How Loft tool works in AutoCAD?

Revolve feature in AutoCAD

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A presentation of Revolve feature in AutoCAD.

3d modeling Worm Gear in Autocad

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This tutorial is best for beginners in Autocad 3d modeling and i hope you will this tutorial

Subtract tool in AutoCAD

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This tutorial will be about subtract tool in AutoCAD. I will show you how to use this tool when you do 3D modeling in AutoCAD.

How to design bolts in AutoCAD?

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Bolt design has been introduced in AUTOCAD 2010 program as a result of some operations as seen below.

my 1 work

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autocad file


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3D in AutoCAD is quite difficult compared to other softwares here is a small tutorial of hook modelling in AutoCAD

Screw jack in Autocad | Autocad 3d | Screw jack 3d modeling in Autocad |

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Screw jack in Autocad | Autocad 3d | Screw jack 3d modeling in Autocad | How to make Screw jack in Autocad Hi guys.... In this video i have use AUTOCAD 2020 you can use any other version also. I have explain this using text commands with voice over in English in the video. Hope you may like it. ------please subscribe----- ----------please like----------- ------please comment----- By satish from"learn with me"