Tutorial Camera Mold in PowerShape

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Tutorial Camera Injection Mold in PowerShape from Autodesk; Available to download in https://grabcad.com/library/camera-mold-sergio-cad-cam-1 #tutorial #injection #mold #mould #powershape #surface

How to change measurement units in Onshape?

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Video tutorial to learn how to change units in Onshape.

Bottle - PowerShape Reverse Engineering workflow

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This video shows workflow of Reverse Engineering Process, start from scanning the physical model and surface creation in Powershape. the scanner i used was Roland Picza 3D scanner if someone interested to learn and try , i could send you the stl scanned data file , just write your request in the comments below hope it, enjoy a happy learning. thanks


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TUTORIAL SOAP BOX INJECTION MOLD IN POWERSHAPE; Available to Download in Grabcad: https://grabcad.com/library/soap-box-mold-sergio-cad-cam-1 credits to: https://grabcad.com/library/soapbox-7 by https://grabcad.com/v.rajesh-1 #TUTORIAL #MOLD #MOULD #POWERSHAPE #STEPS

Onshape Tutorial Exersice

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Sometimes you will not have Solidworks or a similar program installed on your computer. And you may have to make a model immediately. In such situations, Onshape is great. The link to the modeling file from the sample technical drawing is given below. https://cad.onshape.com/documents/51b10db64d8c10d69e04f4da/w/b4cd4b090cea13100d679675/e/741f8ec43a660ff55252cd29

volleyball in Onshape

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I wanted to get to know Onshape better and had a look at the split, transform and pattern command. I repeated this in SolidWorks and it is the same workflow.

Introducción a Onshape

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Introduccion a Onshape, En este video vemos la página de documentos de onshape y le damos un vistazo a la interface. Vemos las diferentes secciones como la barra de menú, barra de herramientas, administrador de comandos entre otras. Puedes visitar nuestro blog en http://mitutordigital.com/ También nos puedes seguir en Instagram para ver lo nuevo que estamos trabajando https://www.instagram.com/mitutordigi... O en nuestro Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mitutordigital/