Use Ansys SpaceClaim to Model Twisted Pair Wire

1 0 Intermediate
Before I know how to do it, I cannot get any useful tips while I googling, it seems very hard. But it is very easy now. This tutorial will help you to model a simple twisted pair wire, for detailed twisted pair wire you can explore it by yourself. A model which modeled by this tutorial is in this linked page: https://grabcad.com/library/w-1930-1575-twisted-pair-wire-1.

How to make twisted bar

1 0 Beginner
It is not obvious to create twisted bar in SpaceClaim, e.g. for welded grating. I hope this lifehack will help You to make it in different cad programs. Как скрутить пруток в SpaceClaim, например для решетчатого настила. Подозреваю, что этот способ можно применять и в других программах.