(VIDEO) NX CAD Drafting Tutorials

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Learn basic drafting NXCAD.

Nx CAD Drafting

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Learn to draft in nx cad from basic to advance.

Auto Ballooning NX2007 (2022)

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Hello Everybody, Welcome to Mech Dezignz. Today we will se how to add part list and add ballooning to the views in assembly. So lets begin... So this is in assembly format. So that we can do ballooning and drafting partwise... First of all we will go to drafting... So after putting the view we will go to part list... To set the length of the table we have to go to part list properties... So by increasing the height the contents can be adjusted in single table... Now for ballooning, we can add the auto balloon to any view which have been imported... So by right clicking and choosing show balloon we can do auto ballooning... We can adjust the balloons as required by stretching or double clicking to add or modify contents... Since this is latest NX some commands may be different than older version... Any queries can be carried on to the comments section... Thanks Have a nice day...

FreeCAD Basic Drawing Tutorial

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In this Tutorial I have Explain How to Create a simple Drawing in FreeCAD using FreeCAD Techdraw Workbench.