Basic Tutorial for AutoCAD

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This Tutorial will give you idea about basic introduction about AutoCAD, user guide tutorial for tools, best practices, applications. This tutorial is the web series for basic AutoCAD so follow up for the next file. Hit like if it is useful.

How to convert DWG in DGN files

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How to convert DWG in DGN files; convertendo arquivos DWG do AutoCAD para arquivos DGN do Microstation.

3d modeling Worm Gear in Autocad

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This tutorial is best for beginners in Autocad 3d modeling and i hope you will this tutorial

AutoCAD | 3D Part and 3D Dimensioning

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How to give dimensions on 3D part in AutoCAD.


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Convert DXF to G-CODE How to convert Dxf to G-code ? تحوييل ملف DXF الى G code DXF NC code G Code Router للاشترك بقناة اليوتيوب بالرابط ده : http://bit.ly/2srTfzm

Converting 2D drawing to 3D Model in AutoCAD 2007

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This is a tutorial showing how to convert 2D projected drawings to a 3D model on AutoCAD 2007

Dynamic Block in Autocad

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This tutorial demonstrate "How to create dynamic block for scaling of a circle"


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3D in AutoCAD is quite difficult compared to other softwares here is a small tutorial of hook modelling in AutoCAD

my 1 work

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autocad file

Construction of a Dodecahedron

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Some CAD software such as AutoCAD does not have all the geometric objects, in particular the famous Dodecahedron. A method simple drawdown in descriptive geometry.

Loft feature in AutoCAD

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How Loft tool works in AutoCAD?

Create rectangular spring in AutoCAD

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How to create rectangular spring in AutoCAD easy and faster. Command used: Line, fillet, join, helix, extrude, intersect, extractedges, circle, dan sweep. Enjoy this video!

ZW3D Tutorial - Beginner Level - Exercise 1

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Welcome to the very first video on Cad Thinkers. This video is a beginner level video of a simple part designed on ZW3D. We will be looking at how to create a file and a part and then we will move on to creating Sketches and solid modelling tools. This is my first video so I apologise in advance for and minor mistakes and mispronunciation of certain words. I hope you enjoy and thanks for watching. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more information on ZW3D, please visit : https://www.zwsoft.com/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can also follow Cad Thinkers at: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cadthinkers/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/CADThinkers/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/CadThinkers Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.pt/cadthinkers/ GrabCad: https://grabcad.com/cad.thinkers-1

Presspull feature in AutoCAD?

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A quick tutorial about Presspull feature in AutoCAD.

Modelado híbrido con ZW3D

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Aprenda como modelar en 3D una piza combinando sólidos y superficies con ZW3D. Este tutorial le dará una idea real de las ventajas del modelado híbrido y el avance en soluciones CAD para el diseño de productos por un bajo coste aportando una mayor rentabilidad a su negocio y un agran amplitud de posibilidades para la creación. https://grabcad.com/library/modelado-grifo-en-hibrido-solido-superficies-con-zw3d-1