How to save your animations as GIFs in SolidWorks

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Do you want to know how to make GIFs of your animations? Ever asked yourself how they did it? Here I'll show you how to make seamless GIFs from your animations using SolidWorks, as well as PhotoScape... I chose PhotoScape as it has decent results, doesn't cause any bumping & - most important - is for free. You can download the latest version from here: http://www.photoscape.org/ps/main/download.php

[VIDEO] Detalle de vista isométrica a escala de cotización (vista 3D) - Solidworks -Infinity Projetos Brasil

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Haga clic en el enlace a continuación para obtener información sobre cómo le daré el curso de SolidWorks certificado por WhatsApp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjSQivb0VWU descarga mis proyectos grabcad gratis https://enrt.eu/download_grabcad_projects

Solidworks vba userfom

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Hi everyone I made a design of elevator car frame in solidworks and can change the dimensions with vba macro userform. Macro runs on model opening and rebuild the model with new dimensions when clicking update button. Anybody can use the model who don't know anything about solidworks. Have a good day

Metric Fits (Tolerances)

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Hello my friends, Today we are going to study metric fits. Lets start. We are using the fits during the machince parts design. This dimensional limits allow us to create working mutual parts. the Tolerance Grades are divided by sixteen numerical accuracy. Numbers from 1 to 4 we are using for the gages and the mechanical parts which desired to critical accuracy. This kind of dimensions are close to theorical dimension. Grades from 5 to 16 using for more rough mechanical operations. For example turning, milling, sawing etc. After lapping powder and oil add into the machine, plate starts running. In the lapping powder involves some sort of abrasives. Such as Slisium carbide or diamond. Lapping operation provide us the smooth surface and great surface roughness. Pressure plate using is important during the lapping operation . Parts are must not to touch each other. Because it couse edge deformation. It is better to use Sperator template. Cold heading, pressing, roll forming etc. are taken place between twelve and sixteen You may see the related operations with its grades. Those grades are determined for metal parts. Plastics are not involved in this list. But we can use coarse tolerances for plastic materials. Capital letters uses for the internal dimensions for example hole, and lowercase letters uses for external dimensions for example, shafts. First number determines the basic size, letter shows the deviation of the tolerance and the last number shows tolerance grade. We can define the tolerances of work parts with its working condition. Hole basis system The desired clearances and interferences in the fit are achieved by combinations of various shaft tolerance zones with the hole tolerance zone "H". In this system of tolerances and fits, the lower deviation of the hole is always equal to zero. Shaft basis system The desired clearances and interferences in the fit are achieved by combinations of various hole tolerance zones with the shaft tolerance zone "h". In this system of tolerances and fits, the upper deviation of the hole is always equal to zero. Clearance fit It is a fit that always enables a clearance between the hole and shaft in the coupling. The lower limit size of the hole is greater or at least equal to the upper limit size of the shaft. Transition fit It is a fit where (depending on the actual sizes of the hole and shaft) both clearance and interference may occur in the coupling. Tolerance zones of the hole and shaft partly or completely interfere. Interference fit It is a fit always ensuring some interference between the hole and shaft in the coupling. The upper limit size of the hole is smaller or at least equal to the lower limit size of the shaft. The option of the system for the specified type of product or production is always influenced by the following factors: • Constructional design of the product and the method of assembly. • Production procedure and costs for machining the part. • Type of semi-product and consumption of material. • Costs for purchase, maintenance and storage of gauges and production tools. • Machine holding of the plant. • Options in use of standardized parts. you can see the various types of application. I want to show exaple A in solidworks. How the tolerances are giving let see how we build basic assemly and I am going to blowing up to my assembly. Before blowing and draft operation, I will show the web sites which is going to help you for standart parts to download. And I also show the how I give the tolerances in 3d. Lets stard with exploding of the assembled part. Give the tolerances according to sample A. Give the motion to exploded parts. We choose the standard tamplete and adjust the scale of the part. We have couple of option to scaling. Some of scaling ranges may attain or we can specify the special scale via teplate scale. We can define the sheet format during drawing. Dimensions can define easily with horizontal and vertically dimensioning.

Suspension Analysis of Double Wishbone geometry

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Hello everyone. For those who are interested in learning about car suspension and who want to learn how to do suspension analysis, this is the absolute video for them. In this part video, I have shown how to Import suspension coordinates or hardpoints into Lotus suspension analyzer software from the created database in MS-Excel and have also done suspension analysis. I have also dropped a huge bonus content in this video. So watch till the end of the video.


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How to foreshorten dimension lines in Solidworks