How to import a model from solidworks to autcad and do drafting

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In this tutorial, we are going to explain how to import apart from solid works to AutoCAD and also in which file extension to be saved. https://youtu.be/fibTIQuF39o

tutorial : how to open solidworks file in autocad?

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open solidworks file in autocad

How to convert a CAD file to an STL file?

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STL is the standard file type used by most or all rapid prototyping systems. A STL is a triangulated representation of a 3D CAD model (figure 1). The triangulation of a surface will cause faceting of the 3D model. The parameters used for outputting a STL will affect how much faceting occurs (figure 2 and 3). You cannot build the model any better or smoother than the STL file, so if the STL is coarse and faceted, that is what you can expect in the final model. In the CAD package, when exporting to STL, you may see parameters for chord height, deviation, angle tolerance, or something similar. These are the parameters that affect the faceting of the STL.You don’t necessarily want to go too small. The finer the STL the larger the file is in size, which will affect processing time in Insight as well as build time. Below is some information found on the Internet regarding exporting to STL from various CAD packages.

Full Practice Video

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In this video there are various diagrams and figures with dimension, which you can use to practice any CAD software. If you like it then subscribe and follow me too.

IronMan Helmet in AutoCAD

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Hello Designers, Hope you going well in your designing journey. I've designed this helmet for my students at my design centre. Who Wants to explore more knowledge & skills about designing. . Start the journey to become a pro in AutoCAD.

AutoCAD - Complete Tutorial for Beginners - Exercises 10

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COMPLET COUESH FOR 100 EXERCISEC FUNCTION KEY:- Ø ESC : To cancel Command Ø F1 : Autocad Help Ø F2 : Text Window on/off To see recently used command, options, Points. Ø F3 : Osnap button on/off. Ø F4 : Tablet on/off (Autocad 2010 & Prior Versions) 3DOSNAP ON/OFF (Autocad 2011 & Autocad 2012) Ø F5 : To change isoplane in isometric drawing. Ø F6 : DUCS (Dynamic user co-ordinate system) button on/off. Ø F7 : Grid button on/off. By default grid spacing is 0.5 inch in X- direction and Y direction. Ø F8 : Ortho button on/off. Ø F9 : Snap button on/off If snap button is on mode from status bar than cursor will be Jump on the graphic one dot to another dot. Ø F10 : Polar button on/off. (Alternate off ortho button) Ø F11 : Otrack button on/off. (object snap tracking) Ø F12 : DYN button on/off. (Dynamic input) Short cut keys:- Ø Ctrl+A : select all Ø Ctrl+B : Snap on/off Ø Ctrl+C : Copy objects to clipboard Ø Ctrl+D : Dynamic UCS (DUCS) on/off Ø Ctrl+E : To change isoplane in isometric Ø Ctrl+F : Osnap on/off Ø Ctrl+G : Grid on/off Ø Ctrl+H : Set variable Ø Ctrl+I : Co-ordinate on/off Ø Ctrl+J : Repeat Last Command Ø Ctrl+K : Hyperlink Command Ø Ctrl+L : Ortho on/off Ø Ctrl+M : Repeat Last Command Ø Ctrl+N : To create new autocad file Ø Ctrl+O : To open autocad file Ø Ctrl+P : To print/plot autocad file Ø Ctrl+Q : To Quit/Exit from autocad Ø Ctrl+R : To cycle between viewports Ø Ctrl+S : To save autocad file Ø Ctrl+T : Tablet on/off Ø Ctrl+U : Polar on/off Ø Ctrl+V : Paste objects from clipboard Ø Ctrl+W : Otrack on/off (Autocad 2010 & prior ver.) Ø Ctrl+W : Selection cycling on/off (New Autocad 2011) Ø Ctrl+X : Cut objects to clipboard Ø Ctrl+Y : Redo Ø Ctrl+Z : Undo Ø Ctrl+0 : Clean Screen Ø Ctrl+1 : Properties Ø Ctrl+2 : Autocad design center Ø Ctrl+3 : Tool Palettes Ø Ctrl+4 : Sheet set Manager Ø Ctrl+5 : Info palette ( not working from Acad2008) Ø Ctrl+6 : Database Connect Ø Ctrl+7 : Markup set manager Ø Ctrl+8 : Quick calculator Ø Ctrl+9 : Show /Hide Commandline Window Ø Ctrl+Shift+C : Copy objects With basepoint Ø Ctrl+Shift+E : Presspull Command Ø Ctrl+Shift+H : Show /Hide Commandline window Ø Ctrl+shift+P : Quick properties Ø Ctrl+Shift+S : Save as Autocad file Ø Ctrl+Shift+V : Paste as block #Complete Tutorial for Beginners #AutoCAD - SolidWorks Beginners Tutorials - SolidWorks Sketching - SolidWorks Surface - SolidWorks Weldments - SolidWorks Assembly - SolidWorks Drawing - SolidWorks Sheet Metal - SolidWorks Mold Design - SolidWorks Simulation - SolidWorks Motion please subscribe our channel for more videos & projects in solidworks & dont forget to hit like & share the videos, thanks for watching.