How to FDM Print for Part Sliding Clearance

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If you are 3D printing parts that have to fit/slide together after printing, you will need to put some sort of clearance between those parts in your CAD system. A good starting place is a clearance 2x the layer height you are going to print at, but you should make a few smaller test prints at different clearances to see if the 2x layer height rule holds for your particular situation and orientation. Have fun and happy printing!

Stacking Your Parts in Z for FDM

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Have long thin flat parts you’ve always wanted to print right on top of each other in FDM but the slicer never allowed you to? Learn how to use this exclusive new feature in GrabCAD Print Pro!

fluent simulation

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visit site: https://alfaproject.ir/fluent-proje/

GrabCAD Print Pro™ - Per Part Groups For Service Bureaus

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The premium version of GrabCAD Print™, GrabCAD Print Pro™ is now available! This version includes new & enhanced features. This tutorial will explain per part estimation & assembly grouping!

JP_005_GrabCAD Print: 部品摺動部の隙間をFDM造形する方法

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