How to 3D Print from Adobe Photoshop

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Every sculpture, product, installation and building (successful and unsuccessful) starts with an idea. When it takes physical form, the designer gets valuable aesthetic and practical feedback. Here are some tips on when and how 3D printing can feed this process.

Does not make standard parts,download them.

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Standard parts are not modeled ! Go to side : https://www.tracepartsonline.net/(S(nqfxiakz3pdcrzuhft0mp20g))/content.aspx?home=1&class=TRACEPARTS and FREE download all standard parts ,for all cad software.

Tutorial: how to model revolving surfaces without degenerated point

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This tutorial shows how to reconstruct a portion of a revolving surface, in order to remove the degenerated point

Filling basic 6-sided holes in Rhino

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This tutorial shows how to fill a 6-sided hole surrounded by simple planar surface transitions in Rhino.

Make a Ring With Text in Rhino

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Make a ring with a text

How Much to Charge for 3D Modeling

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Since GrabCAD has enabled the "Hire Me" button, opening very interesting possibilities to get 3D modeling jobs, the question arises in some of us: How much to charge for 3D modeling? For this "tutorial" we have done some research on the web on the subject, and found several sites with valuable information on the subject. We recommend reading this work: https://sketchfab.com/blogs/enterprise/create-3d-models-cost, by Miss Amélie Deltombe. We also found valuable information here: https://www.ziprecruiter.com/Salaries/3D-Modeler-Salary-per-Hour https://www.ziprecruiter.com/Salaries/Freelance-3D-Artist-Salary https://www.ziprecruiter.com/Salaries/3D-Modeler-Salary

Video Tutorials from Rhino 3D Tutorials

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A series of little tutorials made available on my Youtube channel. For more detailed Rhino 3D tutorials here's the link https://rhino-3d-classes-from-beginner-to-advanced-lev.teachable.com/

3D Modeling and Animation of a Soldier in DAZ Studio - Part III

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SCENE CREATION PROCESS: 1. Adding lighting: from Lights&Cameras. For example Distant Light. 2. Adding cameras: an example is shown in the figure in Step 2. 3. Adding a background image: from the Environment window, which opens with the button surrounded by a yellow frame or from Lights & Cameras. In Type, select Backdrop and click the button that appears in Background to add an image with Browse.

Mastercam 2021 (CAD+CAM)

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Mastercam 2021 3D Modeling tutorial

How to Repair Holes for STL Files

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Welcome to this Meshmixer tutorial. In this comprehensive guide, I'll show you a cool feature of Meshmixer that can saves you a lot of time. Whether you're a 3D printing enthusiast, a professional designer, or simply someone eager to perfect your 3D models, this tutorial is for you. #Meshmixer #3dmodeling #3dprinting

How to determine cylindrical heigth of a ASME B16.9 cap

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How to determine the cylindrical height of an ASME B16.9 cap

Modeling quadcopter MKI (#1 propeller)

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Learn how to model quadcopter propeller on shaper 3d app For more tutorials follow my YouTube account

Introduction to Pave setting, and its basic knowledge.

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What a Pave Setting Is The pavé setting, pronounced “pa-vay,” comes from the French word “to pave,” as in paved with diamonds. By closely setting small diamonds together with minimal visibility of the tiny metal beads or prongs holding the stones in place, the effect is one of continuous sparkle.

How to create different kinds of roof in Renga Architecture? From simple to complex

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The roof is the main attribute of any house, and especially of a private country house or cottage. It is not only designed to protect it from rain, snow and sun, but is also an ornament of the house and street, attracts the attention of neighbors and passers-by. In Renga Architecture, the Roof tool allows you to build different roof models using a small set of commands. But at first sight it is not always clear how to make it in one form or another. Therefore, we decided to tell about the different nuances of working with this tool on the example of several country houses - from simple to complex.

starlord Tutorial - image Pixel [ sampler ] with Rhino + Grasshopper

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éste es un Tutorial para convertir una imagen en geometrías tipo Pixel this is a Tutorial to convert an image into Pixel geometries Regards! subscribe! MATGICAL@blogspot.com f DigitalMagical magicaldigital Ig