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How to assemble separate components of a 3D model in virtual reality using SimLab Composer?

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Description: In this tutorial we will teach you how assemble separate parts of a three-dimensional model using the virtual reality VR docking tool of SimLab composer. To do so, we are using a 3D model of a table, with two versions: version A, assembled model, and version B, disassembled components (which are in this tutorial the table parts).

How to Create a Press Tool Assembly in CollabCAD

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Press Tool Assembly

Elmer's Engine Animation

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RE:Connect Toolkit explained

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How to use this toolkit


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autocad learning

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autocad learning

How to Create a Knife in CollabCAD

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Kitchen Knife Assembly Created in CollabCAD

Dynamic Block Creation (Visibility)

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Using the Visibility Parameter function, you can control the display and hide a certain view in Dynamic Block. Using GstarCAD software.