Solidworks flow simulation | Flow of air over hot sphere

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Flow of cold air over hot sphere using solidworks.

Heat Transfer Coefficient HTC in Ansys CFX

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Mesh independent calculation of Heat Transfer Coefficient HTC in Ansys CFX

Heat gain calculations for duct | Solidworks flow simulations

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Air gains heat as it flows through the duct of an air-conditioning system. The velocity of the air at the duct inlet and the temperature of the air at the exit are to be determined. We will do this study using solidworks flow simulations.

Ansys Excercise 1 | Static Analysis - Bending of 3D Beam | BK Engineering

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This is a video series where we practice exercises for Ansys Workbench. In this video, we will practice Ansys Excercise "Static Analysis - Bending of 3D Beam" Sign up for a Course: https://forms.gle/VLAcKHTxTa36siki7 Ansys Excercise playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLce2CHQ7yyu1DQANjn3h8ryCAFG2XtDtW Website Link: https://www.caddcentre.com/ansys-workbench-software-training-course.php Syllabus: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RY2LQGjnspdkESl4Rv1z6DClvOoet2V6/view?usp=sharing Please Help Us Improve: https://forms.gle/ThyznD1QwQiEjtec9 For more info please contact us at +91 7981328897 Email us at info@bk-engineering.in Follow us Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/bkengineeri... Twitter- https://twitter.com/BkengineeringI Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/bkengineerin... Website- https://bk-engineering.in/

Simulation of Flow in pipes with sudden contraction

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Simulation of Flow in pipes with sudden contraction Using Ansys Ansys fluent Vena contracta sudden contraction Fluid mechanics project Ansys project

mechanical movement

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mechanical movement belnder https://youtu.be/80hbSGIL3xE

NX One Step Analysis

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Hello everybody... Welcome to Mech Dezignz... Today we will learn about solving a blank of 3D model in NX... So I have a sheet body in NX window behind... First we will have to take middle surface of the part by offset command... Lets start... So here thickness in 2.5mm. so we will offset the surface at 1.25mm... So we have got the middle surface as required. Now for unforming a blank, we have a command One Step Anaysis in NX. So we will go to the said command now... And we select the middle surface of the part Now we will select the vector from which direction the unforming is needed... We also selected the material and provided the thickness of the part also... We can reduce the element size for more precise blank shape, but then time process will increase... Now since it is called one step analysis, we get many more results along with blank shape that is Thickness, Stress and Strain reports of the part. This will let us know about the feasablity of the part as well... Hope you liked the video If any query, please comment down... Thanks...

How to carry symmetric model simulation in solidworks?

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You will learn how to apply symmetric boundary conditions in solidworks? First, simulation study of full model will be done then using solidworks configuration , a symmetric model will be made to carry symmetric model simulations. Results comparison of both simulation will be made in the end.

Animation Rendering of Swiss Plier

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Short Video About Mechanical Movement and Functionality of Swiss Plier