Need to put lights into a render.

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Use keyshot IES light...By this you can give real looking lightening effect

How to create an environment in keyshot by yourself?

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You can make your own environment by editing your HDRI

How to Open Your Model in KeyShot

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Within GrabCAD, you have a pulldown in the model viewing screen with the option to Open with KeyShot. When a model is open inside a project of the Workbench interface, you and any collaborators will see a Open With menu above the model in the upper right corner. With a single click, members of the project are able to select Open with KeyShot to launch and open the model directly inside KeyShot. With KeyShot installed, the model will open immediately inside the KeyShot realtime rendering environment. A video of the functionality can be viewed here. Once you have your model in KeyShot, you're ready to render! To get started quickly, see the quick tips and tutorials available here: http://keyshot.com/learning/

How to add a label onto a surface in Keyshot without bleedover to other surfaces?

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The following is an easy way to do it in KeyShot itself..Hope it helps...

How to Get More Eyes on Your Design

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One way we find what people are creating with KeyShot is by performing a search for the software. Searching for the word 'keyshot' will show the content where people used 'keyshot' in the description or as a tag. If you want more eyes on your design, make sure to fill out the description and enter tags. List the software used in the description or tag, as many people search for these terms to see where how the software is being used and many software companies search to share those models and images with others. https://grabcad.com/library/tag/keyshot

35Tutorials'''' KeyShot tips(Step By Step)"''

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render using keyshot

tutorial : how render toon with showcase pro ?

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render toon with showcase pro

Tutorial : how to render with showcase pro

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Tutorial : how to render with showcase pro