How To Create Clipping Path In Photoshop

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Clipping path is a popular photo editing techniques . If you want to remove background from image, you must consider image clipping technique. Today, we will learn, how to do clipping path in photoshop. Let's start Step 1: Open Image In Photoshop First of all you need to open image in photoshop. From the file menu, click open and select image that you want to clipping. After that press ok. Image will be open in photoshop can Step 2: Zoom Image in Photoshop For doing clipping path perfectly, you need to zoom image. It is up to you how much zoom you need. Some editors zoom 300% whether some editors zoom 500% of the selected image. Step 3: Select pen Tool In Photoshop In the stage, you need to select pen tool from photoshop. You will find it in left side tool panel or simply type "P" shortcut key in your keyboard. Pen tool will be selected automatically. Step 4: Start Creating Outline You are almost done. Start creating outline around the object. Select 1 pixel inner of the object while creating path. Join the the beginning part with ending at the last. That's all You are now able to create clipping path in photoshop Resources https://clippingpathaction.com/