Designing a Hirth Spline

17 3 Beginner
Solidworks + Excel instruction on how to design a Hirth Spline. Background on Hirth Splines: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hirth_joint The basic idea of a Hirth spline / Hirth Joint is that the whole geometry is defined from a combination of a single reference point and a grinding/cutting geometry. Two Hirth splines with the same basic tooth geometry will match to form a secure joint that can transfer torque and allows for accurate alignment of parts. Hirth splines and joints are often used in turbomachinery to accurately align various shaft parts and transfer torque.

Panto-graph mechanism Design

1 0 Intermediate
PANTO-GRAPH mechanism through some basics calculation of link length and motion for desired shape.

Working Of Oldham's Coupling

0 0 Beginner
Working Animation of Oldham's Coupling and uses


1 0 Intermediate