Learn to create simple BOLT in AutoDesk Inventor

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Solidworks flow simulation 12 | Flow past sphere | Drag coefficient calculation

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How to calculate drag coefficient for a flow past sphere using cfd analysis in solidworks flow simulation module? Tools to Learn +Creating velocity profiles for solidworks flow simulation +Setting up two dimensional flow simulation project for internal flow +Selecting boundary conditions +Define wall boundary conditions +Using cut plots to visualize velocity flow fields +Using XY plots to evaluate velocity profiles and boundary layer thickness Subscribe for more solidworks .

Micro-pressure wave simulation

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i am doing my final project and i need to detect the train micro-pressure wave travels in a tunnel. But i don't know how to do it

[DRAFT] How to make a injection mold - Como hacer un molde de inyección

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Como crear un molde de inyección en Solidworks. Constara de varios pasos sencillos para crear la pieza, las cavidades, sistema de inyección en frio y sistema de botado sencillo. Empezaremos con la descripción de la pieza a fabricar y de las partes de un molde, y en ese orden se irán creando las piezas de manera simultanea. How to create an injection mold in Solidworks. It will consist of several simple steps to create the part, cavities, cold injection system and simple boot system. We will start with the description of the piece to be manufactured and the parts of a mold, in that order the pieces will be created.