Create an OBJ Cube With Your Favorite Images

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Ever wanted to create a CAD file with your favorite pictures? There are many ways to apply images and textures to CAD files. However, for most of these operations, expensive programs or CAD experience might be required. This tutorial shows you how to make a simple OBJ cube, while explaining some of the basic OBJ nomenclature. It then explains the steps to map pictures on the cube's faces. The only tools you will need is a text editor like notepad and your favorite images!

How to change view in AutoCAD 3D Modeling?

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This tutorial will show you how to change views in AutoCAD when you are drawing a 3D model.


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Creates a 3D solid from an object that encloses an area, or a 3D surface from an object with open ends.Objects can be extruded orthogonally from the plane of the source object, in a specified direction, or along a selected path. You can also specify a taper angle.

Basic Tutorial for AutoCAD

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This Tutorial will give you idea about basic introduction about AutoCAD, user guide tutorial for tools, best practices, applications. This tutorial is the web series for basic AutoCAD so follow up for the next file. Hit like if it is useful.

How to model a simple spring in AutoCAD?

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Tutorial about modeling a simple spring in AutoCAD.

Dynamic Block in Autocad

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This tutorial demonstrate "How to create dynamic block for scaling of a circle"

Converting 2D drawing to 3D Model in AutoCAD 2007

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This is a tutorial showing how to convert 2D projected drawings to a 3D model on AutoCAD 2007

AutoCAD | 3D Part and 3D Dimensioning

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How to give dimensions on 3D part in AutoCAD.

How to insert a camera in AutoCAD?

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Inserting a camera in AutoCAD.

AutoCad 3D Machine Drawing Part And Assembly Exercise Tutorials

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Autocad 3D Machine Drawing Assembly Learn In easy Way. Training Video For professional Designer. See All Design To Learn to Design and assemble The Parts in Diff Ways And Methods. Check The Playlist For More Updates In all Kind Of Design Software Subscribe

How to draw a star in any CAD software?

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This tutorial will show you how to draw a star in AutoCAD,SOLIDWORKS etc...

Sweep feature in AutoCAD

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How sweep works in AutoCAD?

How do you design AutoCAD diamonds?

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A short diamond design with AutoCAD 2010

Loft feature in AutoCAD

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How Loft tool works in AutoCAD?

Revolve feature in AutoCAD

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A presentation of Revolve feature in AutoCAD.