#Advanced Solidworks Tutorial 1 - Scotch Yoke Mechanism

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In this video you will get to know about the Mechanism of Scotch Yoke. Scotch Yoke Mechanism also known as Slotted link Mechanism is a Reciprocating motion Mechanism in which the Linear motion of the Slider is Converted into Rotational Motion and vice-versa. In this video the Reciprocating Part (Piston) is directly coupled to a sliding Yoke with a slot that engages a pin on the rotating Part (Wheel). I hope you all will like this video. Do not forget to Subscribe the channel for further updates. Like and Share = Your Love. Very soon I will upload Ansys Workbench Tutorial Videos. Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/im_ankitkondal/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/akmechcad/ GrabCad : https://grabcad.com/ankit.kondal-1

How to Export Drawing file to DXF - SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler | UBAID Tutorial

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SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler - Export Drawing file to DXF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vW3ANz3YDo The SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler lets you set up tasks to perform at a future time. If you need to perform a resource-intensive task such as rebuilding a large assembly, you can use SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler to perform the job at off-peak hours. You can schedule a task to be performed only once or on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler runs separately from the SOLIDWORKS application. You can use SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler with any SOLIDWORKS license to convert documents to the latest SOLIDWORKS version and to dissect documents. To schedule most other tasks or to schedule distributed file conversion, you must have a SOLIDWORKS Professional, SOLIDWORKS Premium, or SOLIDWORKS Office license. To open SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler: From the Windows Start menu, click All Programs = SOLIDWORKS version = SOLIDWORKS Tools SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler. To access SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler Help: From the SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler, click Help SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler Help Topics.