Cap screws and machine screws

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Cap screws and machine screws are similar in shape, differing only in their relative sizes. Machine screws are usually smaller in size, compared to cap screws. These are used for fastening two parts, one with clearance hole and the other with tapped hole. The clearance of the unthreaded hole need not be shown on the drawing as its presence is obvious. Figure 5.24 shows different types of cap and machine screws, with proportions marked Cap screws are produced in finish form and are used on machines where accuracy and appearance are important. As cap screws are inferior to studs, they are used only on machines requiring few adjustments and are not suitable where frequent removal is necessary. These are produced in different diameters, upto a maximum of 100 mm and lengths 250 mm. Machine screws are produced with a naturally bright finish and are not heat treated. They are particularly adopted for screwing into thin materials and the smaller ones are threaded throughout the length. They are used in fire-arms, jigs, fixture and dies. They are produced in different diameters upto a maximum of 20 mm and lengths upto 50 mm.

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#11 Creo Sketch Tutorial- Inspect Tools In Creo

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How to Create Full Unfold Cross Section

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How to display different assembly positions on a drawing

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Create blue print by Autodesk Inventor

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How to create cross sections

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Sketchup to Inventor-How to export SketchUp to Inventor-convert Google sketchup to Autodesk Inventor

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Convertir Archivo de Sketchup a Inventor exportación e importe Español

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Having the problem when show annotation model used in the drawing

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"Having the problem when show annotation model used in the drawing"

How to create BOM table from the scratch

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Using Sketch in Inventor Assembly Parts.

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Flat Pattern of Sheet Metal Component in Creo Drawings

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