DIN 580

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Suspension Bolt

How to Change the Commands Language

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How to change the Software SolidWorks Language. Como mudar o idioma do SolidWorks.

Saving your Fusion 360 design in your local storage

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Hi @https://grabcad.com/cyrhuz.sortijas.bocar-1, You've mentioned earlier that your license is about to expire. The good news is it will prompt you options of renewing your educational license. I figured that you asked about these because you're worried that your precious thesis file that you put in so much effort will be lost. Luckily all design files from f360 is saved in the cloud (internet connection required). So there's pretty much nothing to worry about. Anyhow, here's a quick tutorial on how to save your f360 design file on your local storage as a safety precaution.

diverse shape translation to JT or STP

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Have found a way to import / translate easy shape files like 3ds, wrl, skp, stl, ifc and so on into JT or STP. The shape files can have texture or not. My interest was how to get the shape files with texture translated to JT. For this, I use PCon Planner and save as 3DS. After this, import it into MeshLab (single texture file / no layer) and save it as WRL (VRML 2). This is than easy to import into Teamcenter Livecyle Visualisation (TCVis) and save as JT. If you like to have more imported WRL/JT files into TCvis (JT2Go) please rename the texture or the view results in TCVis (JT2Go) are bad, looks like unplaced textures. If you like to export files with not a texture another way is to use. The fast one with no colours is to save as stl and import it into your volume modeller. The longer way is here to import it into PCon after this save as Skp (Sketchup) and now is to use Automapki (~40 $ or € / year sorry no freeware I have found) and save as STP file. The result you can now import into a volume modeller and use it there or (and) save it as JT and many other files too. Hope you like this tutorial a bit. If you have any questions please let me know.

Compression Spring, Equation Driven, in SolidWorks

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Not sure this is a tutorial, or just the description of my process for building a printable compression spring. There are equations in the excel documents not just for a printable spring, but also designing custom metal. Designing the spring and Using the model loaded here: https://grabcad.com/library/compression-spring-equation-driven-1

How to Download and Draw People in Solidworks

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Designing Axial Static O-ring Grooves to "Industry Standards"

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This Covers 2/3 of everything I know about designing O-ring seals. I frequently used these while designing production tools. Most the design is based on the standards that are put forth by SAE. Personally, I be going over the reiteration by Parker since it's what I learned. Other references include the Apple Rubble Product and Trelleborg for their proprietary O-ring Gland Calculators, and the help they gave me in building my own. Links to their websites are found in Section 5. All design in this lesson is for "Static Axial Design under normal conditions”. Disclaimer: while I have completed a BS in Mechanical Engineering and have passed the FE, I am not a PE. While these calculations are standard, published, and I personally have used these practices to design multiple high-pressure tools, I cannot guarantee that they a perfect. If you are in doubt, in a hazardous environment, or using in an application that could cause harm to life, I would suggest double checking with other sources (engineering) and/or extensive testing. Also, my experience is in Oil and gas, in the continental USA. You may notice my practices being bias to API standards and in English Units, I suggest you take all I say with a grain of salt. Lesson Plan: Step 1: Background and Definitions Step 2: Finding a Published O-ring Gland and incorporating it into a design. Step 3: Designing Custom Groove using the Standards Step 4: Other Design Recommendations and Drafting Example Step 5: References and Useful links A copy of the files can be found at: https://grabcad.com/library/how-to-design-an-o-ring-gland-to-industry-standards-parts-and-photos-1

(VIDEO) Exportar archivo SketchUp a SolidWorks (Español) - Método completo avanzado

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Exportar archivo SketchUp a SolidWorks (Español) - Método completo avanzado ================================== NO HAGA CLIC AQUÍ: http://bit.ly/projetos_infinity ================================== Haga clic en el enlace a continuación para obtener información sobre cómo le daré el curso de SolidWorks certificado por WhatsApp: https://youtu.be/qjSQivb0VWU descargue mis proyectos grabcad incluyendo este video man https://enrt.eu/download_grabcad_projects extensión de sketchup STL https://enrt.eu/extension_stl_sketchup

RIVETED JOINT Structural Analysis at 250N force with 4 RIVET | Ansys Workbench | Catia to ansys

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The finite element technique was used throughout the analysis of present work. The present work showed that riveted joints are superior in strengthening to the riveted joints. The riveted joint seems to strengthen and balance the stress and distributed uniformly. FORCE(F) = 250N RIVETED = 4 PLATE =2

Best processor for solidworks (college student)

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in this i have shown different kind of benchmark like which processor is good for what kind of purpose which one you should need to buy as per your work requirement etc

Best Laptop for Solidworks ,Ansys ,Matlab, catia cad 3d software animtion and simulation in 2021

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Our facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/EngineeringExplanation Our website : www.engineerknow.com Best Laptop : https://www.engineerknow.com/2021/05/best-laptop-for-solidworks-maltab-catia.html udemy course link : https://www.udemy.com/course/solidworks-animation-and-motion-analysis/?referralCode=8F40E7F83856CFF0C5FE [if you need discount coupon message me on my facebook page] our new Youtube channel : Engineerknow : [ for understanding how the machine works and other engineering thing] https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU5LqyPgX7E8ri4G8ag9xZQ Mechanical Coder : [Coding in Python for mechanical engineers] https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC__7TWjURc7KnChqoQrAYoQ Photo by karsten madsen from Pexels for INDIAN ONLY : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDws0ifI1mdQHgJWUSBzrOA

Convertir Archivo de Sketchup a SolidWorks - exportación e importe (Español)

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Convertir Archivo de Sketchup a SolidWorks - exportación e importe (Español)

(VIDEO) Exportar arquivo do SolidWorks para o Sketchup (Português)

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VEJA O VÍDEO ABAIXO Exportar arquivo do SolidWorks para o Sketchup (Português) ================= ================= NÃO CLIQUE AQUI: http://bit.ly/projetos_infinity ================= ================= Clique no link abaixo para saber como funciona o curso do SolidWorks com certificado via WhatsApp que irei dar para você: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gskjtDlouYE seja membro do nosso canal, e aprenda muito mais conteúdo https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF2k47g7uAo0lM-kA13V6jQ?sub_confirmation=1 baixe meus projetos do grabcad, https://enrt.eu/download_grabcad_projects

Como Exportar do Sketchup para STL - Aquivo SKP para STL

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