How to Reset Catia V5 to default

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This tutorial presents the steps required to reset Catia V5 to default. The process requires the software to be reset in order to apply the changes. https://youtu.be/gyr-aDfgb_A

Import AI generated models in CATIA V5 as editable

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Case study of an AI generated image of a chair converted to a 3D model using an AI image to Mesh Platform (CSM) Video regarding CSM 3D platform - https://youtu.be/y-hYAjR6yVk Video regarding concept generation using Leonardo - https://youtu.be/nB1wIVzCzsI

Tutorial: how to correctly upload an assembly model (Part 3: standard format)

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Different file format may contain different type of geometric information and they are then suitable for different use.

CATIA V5 - Graphic properties colors compared to materials

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In CATIA V5, graphic properties colors and materials are both used to control the visual appearance of a model. However, they have different purposes and effects. * *Graphic properties colors** are used to control the color of the lines, surfaces, and other graphical elements of a model. They can be applied to individual features or to the entire model. * *Materials** are used to control the appearance of the surfaces of a model, including their color, shininess, and transparency. They can be applied to individual features or to the entire model.

CATIA V5 - How to add and configure Decals

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The case study in the video is done on the Panton Chair, you can download it at the following link https://grabcad.com/library/panton-chair-82