23 11 Intermediate
CATIA is a software known for surface modelling, here is a small car done using wireframe and surface in CATIA

CATIA V5 Basic Tutorial

20 0 Intermediate
This tutorial contains videos of CATIA V5 basic sketcher part1 to part 3 follow me for other videos... this actually created for my channel Dad tv and now it's in renamed as Aeroitz

Assembly Boolean in CATIA

16 2 Intermediate
When one thinks how to match thread profile of bolt to the hole to avoid minor clash, then here is the tutorial. This method can be used for other application where you don't need much work.

Import Points, Curves, Lofts from Microsoft Excel.

16 2 Intermediate
In this tutorial you will see how to import the points curves using macros in excel. The most easy and efficient method.

how can create admin mode of catia ?

14 6 Intermediate
Here is the tutorial to run catia as admin.

how to do analysis of gear in Ansys 11?

13 2 Intermediate
do as following step

Various Fillet in CATIA

12 4 Intermediate
There are different types and options of FILLET in CATIA, here is a small tutorial of it..!!

Catia Course Day-3

12 1 Intermediate
Catia User manual . In this tutorial you will be going to learn what is mean by part design? How to use part design work bench?

How to model airplane in catia?

12 0 Intermediate
To proceed First have a blueprint of your desired aircraft.

CATIA TUTORIAL GSD: Panton Chair - How to model in CATIA

12 0 Intermediate
How to Model a Panton Chair in CATIA? In This CATIA tutorial I will show you how to model the famous Panton Chair in CATIA.

CATIA V5 Wireframe & Surface Design

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This Tutorial contains videos for wireframe and surface design with examples.. Actually this is our internal Webinar click here for more videos https://grabcad.com/tutorials/catia-v5-generative-sheetmetal-design

why circles of small of diameter looks like polygon in catia v5?

11 1 Intermediate
This is a visualization problem. Change the following settings, see images.

Ship propeller blade in Catia (surface design)

10 4 Intermediate
all the steps are made with random dimensions which well be useful and easy to learn surface modeling in catia and the benefits of surface can also be identified.

CATIA V5 Generative Sheetmetal Design

9 0 Intermediate
This Tutorial Contains CATIA v5 Sheetmetal design videos for getting started with sheetmetal design

How to change the blades on a 'dumb solid' (CATIA)

9 1 Intermediate
This tutorial is to provide a guide for modifying a CATIA file containing a "dumb" solid. (The reader should be familiar with basic CATIA Part Design commands) This tutorial is to respond to a recent question asked by Nouman Khalid: "This dump solid is generated from a STL and i am given a .STP file. I want all the blades to be similar to generate a reference model for modal analysis. I want the encircled blade to be copied all over rotor. Please guide how this can be done."