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Hey designer, Hope you going well in your designing Journey. I've made a complete step by step tutorial in which you're going to design a 'NISSAN GTR" in solidworks. . Start this tutorial series & enhanced your surfacing skills by completing it.

Solidworks Project | Hydraulic 6 Jaw Mechanism

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Free Solidworks Tutorial Video step by step. In this video you will learn how to use sheet metal commands in modeling product packaging/boxes at Solidworks. The sequence of commands used in this design process are: 1. Line 2. Sheet Metal - Edge Flange 3. Change the Appearances, materials and logo 6. Rendering If this video is useful, support this channel to grow https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0dF... By SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and COMMENT #solidworkstutorial​​ #sheetmetal #packaging

Rare Bottle 040721

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Tutorial on how to model our first "Rare" bottle from july. Lots of new tricks using surfaces and other techniques... You can download the 3D files here: https://grabcad.com/library/rare-bottle-first-for-july-1 Also you can see our other rare bottle tutorial here:https://grabcad.com/tutorials/rare-bottle-300721

Drawing Honda Civic 2008 in SolidWorks

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Drawing Honda Civic 2008 in SolidWorks all steps (show off) Desenhando Honda Civic utilizando um blueprint no SolidWorks. Todos os passos; 3d model available to download in Grabcad: https://grabcad.com/library/honda-civic-sergio-cad-cam-1 Credits to blueprint found in: https://www.victorbravodesign.com/2017/01/auto-evolucao-honda-civic-lxs-2007.html?m=1 #solidworks #tutorial #steps #car #3dmodel #blueprint

Tutorial Bird in SolidWorks

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Tutorial step by step how to draw a lovebird in SolidWorks; Available to download in Grabcad: https://grabcad.com/library/lovebird-periquito-sergio-cad-cam-1 #tutorial #solidworks #bird #steps


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In this video tutorial, I have made 3D-sketch of a Go-kart chassis. This video will help college students/fresher who are new to Solidworks, CAD designing, Sketching and also who are interested in Automobiles. Mainly for Mechanical engineers, yet anyone having interest can watch it.

Tutorial: How to scale stl in solidworks?

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Drawing White Dragon Blue Eyes in SOLIDWORKS

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A video showing steps i did to draw the White Dragon Blue Eyes from YUGIOH in SolidWorks;

Using Advance Loft Feature with Example

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In this video, you will understand how and when you can use advance loft feature to match the requirements of model.

SolidWorks Sheet Metal Tutorial | Forming tool in SolidWorks

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In this solidworks sheet metal tutorial you will learn how to creat mold using forming tools in solidworks

TUTORIAL: Routing - Pipes and Tubes in Solidworks

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TUTORIAL: Routing - Pipes and Tubes in Solidworks

Drawing Kabuterimon in SolidWorks

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Drawing Kabuterimon in SolidWorks all steps. Todos passos utilizados durante a construção do Kabuterimon, de Digimon Adventure; #digimon #pokemon #solidworks #cad #3d #tutorial #step

Drawing Ford Ka in SolidWorks

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Drawing Ford Ka in SolidWorks all steps; Available to download in Grabcad: https://grabcad.com/library/ford-ka-sergio-cad-cam-1