Sheet Metal Rolling Machine

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Part With 2 Cones

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In response to a GRABCAD question from Ayo, here are the steps to make this 3D model in CATIA V5. There are probably many other methods to model this part, but these steps are pretty commonly used. I'm assuming that users of this tutorial know the CATIA basics (like how to make a sketch).

How to make "Planer Blade" by using FreeCAD

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I made this tutorial as a practice in modelling a simple part using FreeCAD as shown in the thumbnail image. The version of FreeCAD I'm using is 0.20, other versions may be different. In this tutorial we work using the "Part Design Workbenche" and the tools used are: Pad tool, Pocket tool, and Hole tool. For more details, please watch the video.


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