Create a spring with FreeCAD

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a step by step tutorial for creating a spring with the open source program FreeCAD

How to make "Planer Blade" by using FreeCAD

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I made this tutorial as a practice in modelling a simple part using FreeCAD as shown in the thumbnail image. The version of FreeCAD I'm using is 0.20, other versions may be different. In this tutorial we work using the "Part Design Workbenche" and the tools used are: Pad tool, Pocket tool, and Hole tool. For more details, please watch the video.

main boby

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main boby

FreeCAD Basic Exercise #4

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This tutorial introduces the Construction Mode for constraining sketch geometry and also new features: Polygon, Equal and Fillet (in Sketcher) then Thickness and Polar Pattern (in Part Design).

FreeCAD Basic Exercise #3

11 4 Beginner
The objective of this tutorial will be to hang external geometry with the Circle and Polyline tools. Use the Linear Pattern function and use a subtractive function (Pocket) from a face.

FreeCAD Basic Exercise #2

8 3 Beginner
The objective of this tutorial will be to use the sketching tools: symmetry constraint, external geometry projection and Polyline. We will also use the Refine parameter to remove an edge.

FreeCAD Basic Exercise #1

10 2 Beginner
The objective of this tutorial will be to discover the workflow for the parametric design of a 3D object with Part Design and Sketcher. For this we will model a basic part involving different types of functions.

FreeCAD 3D Modeling Gear Mech Hanger

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learn freecad basic part design tutorial for beginner

FreeCAD 3D Modeling Exercise 20

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Learn freecad 3d modeling for beginner for exercise 20

FreeCAD Single Block Workbench Tutorial

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Learn freecad basic 3d modeling how to create single block

Freecad 3D U Join Tutorial

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Learn freecad exercise 18 how to create u join

FreeCAD WorkBench Exercise 17

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Learn freecad basic 3d modeling tutorial for beginner exercise 17

FreeCAD Part Design Tutorial Exercise 16

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Learn freecad basic 3d workbench tutorial for beginner exercise 16

FreeCAD Basic 3D Modeling Exercise 15

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Learn freecad workbench exercise 15 how to create simple 3d model

FreeCAD Basic Part Design Exercise 14

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Freecad basic 3d modeling workbench tutorial exercise 14 for beginner