DIY 3d printing soap box design in creo

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DIY soapbox design in creo 6.0 #soapbox #diyproject #3dprinting #keyshot9 plz watch my videos and subscribe to my channel on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0aNv-le_JLgelblN0WR63g?view_as=subscriber

3D modeling of Plastic Pallet in the Creo 7

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Used Features: Extrude, Draft, Round, Pattern, Shell

PTC Creo 4.0: How to create Shell feature with Creo

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A shell feature is a pick and place feature that creates a hollowed out solid with a specified wall thickness. Note: The pick and place features (same as chamfers, rounds and holes) means that the shape of the feature is implied - you are not required to sketch the section. Pick and place features can be added once the model’s shape has been created. You can create two types of shells: • Open Shells (example in this video tutorial) • Closed shells (create base geometry and apply Shell feature)

Practice Part-2 | Marge | Shell | Solidify | PTC CREO | By Perfect CAD Services

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in this channel we can learn the how to use cero software. How to use Marge command in creo. How to use shell command in creo. How to use Solidify command in creo. Creo plastic part practice. Command Use in creo 1. Extrude 2. Marge 3. Round 4. Solidify 5. Shell 6. Insert Here