Fusion 360 Tutorial: Creating Custom Threads

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In this Fusion 360 Tutorial I show how to make custom threads. Though Fusion 360 does include a built in thread creation tool, there are instances where Fusion may not have the thread pitch or profile you are looking for. So I share some tools and techniques for creating these model details.

Fusion360 Tutorial - Sheet Metal Design and Protrusions (Parts 1 & 2)

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In this Fusion360 tutorial I share two videos. The first goes through the basic use of the Sheet Metal Workspace and use of parameters to create a sheet metal mounting plate for a mock up of pressure regulator and pressure dial. The second is an example of platform step using the bending tool and also workflow example of creating patterned protrusions. These exercises will give you basic understanding on how to use the sheet metal tools and settings in Fusion 360. Sheet Metal design is one of the most common and least expensive prototyping, and manufacturing methods for aluminum and steel.

corner bracket with fusion 360

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corner bracket with fusion 360

Fusion 360 parametric

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Changing parameters in Fusion 360

Fusion360 Tutorial: Design of a Grommet using Parameters

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In this Fusion360 tutorial I walk you through a basic use of parameters to create a standard grommet design. Use parametric approaches or parameters to define sketches and models within CAD designs is a powerful tool for quicky adapting your model design and related components. Using these tools allows you to relate features and dimension to one another to avoid solid model generation errors, as you'll see in my example. Though this is a simple use case, I think the video will give you enough of an intro to become familiar with using the parameter tools in Fusion360 or diving into parametric tools in other platforms.