how to convert solidworks file to obj ?

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convert solidworks file to obj

Tutorial : How to Import Sketchup files to SolidWorks?

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Import Sketchup files to SolidWorks

Tutorial how to make engine part 3

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How to model Involute Gear in Solidworks?

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these are the steps...

Tutorial how to make engine part 4

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Crank connection points

Tutorial how to make engine part 10

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more detailed tutorial -- suite

Tutorial how to make engine part 26

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Assembly 6

Tutorial how to make engine part 9

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Pin and connecting rod oil canal

How to create a pipe 3d in Solidworks ?

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fichier du tutoriel version .IGS & .SLDPRT (2014)

Tutorial how to make engine part 10

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Seat Cowl Modeling

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I was asked how to make the my Ducati seat cowl in Catia. Unfortunately, I haven't worked in Catia for years, the model was made in Solidworks. Having worked in ProE, CATIA and Solidworks - though menu pics and verbiage may be different, they and other systems, are all capable of creating the same features with similar steps. I created a simplified PDF that shows the basic - steps taken to create this seat. These steps can be used as a frame work to design a wide variety of parts and on several CAD platforms. There are a lot of ways to do things, hopefully you find some of this useful. The model can be downloaded from GrabCAD. It is named: Ducati 996 / 998 Cafe Race Seat.

Tutorial how to make engine part 10

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cylinders more detailed tutorial

Tutorial how to make engine part 12

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Creating configurations in Solidworks using a design table

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This video shows how to create a simple set of configurations for a part produced from weldments using a configuration table. The video shows all steps from creating the sketch to placing the weldments over the lines of the sketch through to placing the new part with multiple configurations into an assembly. This video uses our own aluminium profile as the weldment which is placed over the sketch and shows a very simple cuboid. This has been produced as a very simple introduction to configurations for people who would require simple changes to parts they often use.

Tutorial: How to make engine part 37

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Eghaust Camshaft