CATIA v5 Design Industry Tips and Tricks |F1 car part| Optimizing, Position, change sketch bases

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Today I would like to give you some insight into some design Industry related tasks. I will also show you some very useful tricks that will improve your capability of optimizing designs in CATIA v5 and help you become a better designer as well. Let us suppose that you receive a part file from a client as shown here for re-modifying some futures. This is a component from assembly of formula 1 race care. The part fitting might have failed during assembly due to some inadequate features and sketches that need adjustment. To make things more complicated, let’s say that the part was designed in some other software instead of CATIA. The situation will be complicated because criteria for designing parts in other software is different than CATIA. So, let’s see how we can get around these issues.

7-tips Sketcher Part Design CATIA R19x

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The tutorial deals with Sketcher Application in CATIA 3DExperience R19x. I have listed 7-tips that could be useful in Part Design or Generative Shape Design. Some of them are also very known in CATIA V5 as well! This list is non exhaustive, there are always other tips in CATIA! So feel free to comment the video :) Here is the summary: #1 Triangle & Polygons (0:48) #2 Equal dimension feature (1:56) #3 Automatic Sketch Constraints (2:56) #4 Text (4:01) #5 Silhouette for Cylinder (5:22) #6 Output Feature (6:50) #7 Opened Sketches (7:54) If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach us via our website (http://www.plm-technology.com) or via the YouTube Channel. Please like, comments, share and subscribe ;)

[Video] How to delete a part in 3DExperience?

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Hello all, Here is the first "2 minutes tuto" video! The topic of this video is how to delete a part using Enovia Collaborative Lifecycle application. Please Like, Share, Comments and Subscribe :)