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Hey designer, Hope you going well in your designing Journey. I've made a complete step by step tutorial in which you're going to design a 'NISSAN GTR" in solidworks. . Start this tutorial series & enhanced your surfacing skills by completing it.

Solidworks car design step by step tutorial: Design Pagani Huayra.

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Hello Designers, Hope you going well in your designing journey. I've started a new step by step tutorial series of PAGANI HUAYRA for intermediate designers.Who Wants to explore more knowledge & skills about designing. . Start the journey to become a pro in solidworks.

V6 Engine Design in Catia

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V6 Engine Design in Catia | Advanced Assembly | CATIA TUTORIALS Vedio Links-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoZoQKwlWtA&t=5s A V6 engine is a six-cylinder piston engine where the cylinders share a common crankshaft and are arranged in a V configuration. The first V6 prototype engine was produced in 1906, however it took until 1950 for the first automotive V6 engine to reach production. In the past 20 to 30 years, the V6 layout has become the most common layout for six-cylinder automotive engines

SOLIDWORKS TUTORIAL : Design & assembly of Honda nr500 "Oval Piston".

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Hey designer, In this tutorial i'll show you how to design (Honda nr500) "OVAL PISTON" in solidworks. . Some additional details about Honda nr500 oval pistons : The Honda NR was a V-four motorcycle series started by Honda in 1979 with the 500cc NR500 Grand Prix racer that used oval pistons. This was followed during the 1980s by a 750cc endurance racer version known as the NR750.


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In this video tutorial, I have made 3D-sketch of a Go-kart chassis. This video will help college students/fresher who are new to Solidworks, CAD designing, Sketching and also who are interested in Automobiles. Mainly for Mechanical engineers, yet anyone having interest can watch it.

(VIDEO TUTORIAL) Solidworks Tutorial #161 How to Design a Gear Dog Clutch Shaft Assembly in Solidworks Easy Design

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A dog clutch (also known a dog gears) is a type of clutch that couples two rotating shafts or other rotating components not by friction but by interference or clearance fit. The two parts of the clutch are designed such that one will push the other, causing both to rotate at the same speed and will never slip. We Provide SolidWorks, Auto-CAD,(Mechanical Drawing 3D Design,Catia V5......etc Software Free Tutorials. You can subscribe our channel to get more information. Solidworks Easy Design Channel: Tutorials for SolidWorks on many levels and subjects Covering most of the SolidWorks fields - SolidWorks Features - SolidWorks for Beginners - SolidWorks Advanced - SolidWorks Simulation - Art & Design - etc

(VIDEO TUTORIAL) Solidworks Tutorial #160 How to Design a Single Clutch Plate Assembly in Solidworks Easy Design

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Single plate Clutch is the most common type of clutch used in motor vehicles. It consists of only one clutch plate, mounted on the splines of the clutch shaft. ... The pressure plate is bolted to the flywheel through clutch springs and is free to slide on the clutch shaft when the clutch pedal is operated.

Mahindra 295Di Turbo Scale Model

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Hey Guys, This is my video showcasing Mahindra 295Di Turbo Scale Model. Modeled using SolidWorks. I will be uploading tutorial video's for this model. ---------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW ME ON: 📸 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sk_tutorials ▶️ Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQYag7lWVInNSBBq1tKJtrg 🌍 Grabcad: https://grabcad.com/sk-48 MORE VIDEOS: ► Mahindra 295Di Turbo Tractor Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE4JHJUKPd2BRJN2Au5Dnj1DnFVlc6oWG ----------------------------------------------------

Solidworks Tutorial for Beginners | Designing a Tyre Rim | Solidworks with Kabir

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In Episode 9 of "Solidworks with Kabir" we are going to design a "Tyre Rim" which is a very easy to follow design.The rim is the "outer edge of a wheel, holding the tire". It makes up the outer circular design of the wheel on which the inside edge of the tire is mounted on vehicles such as automobiles. Do write down your suggestions and comments in the section below and let me know how you liked this video. Also, please do ask your queries over there, Happy to help! To support me in my journey feel free to like Like/Comment/Subscribe/Share these videos, they mean a lot. Reach out to me here: Email: pagekabir@gmail.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kabir8.24 Website: https://www.kabir.page/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pradyumn824/

F1 Gear Shifter Assembly - Tutorial

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Video Tutorial on how to make a working assembly of the gear shifting mechanism in an F1 car. The dimensions are not up to scale, and the viewer will have to pause the video at most of the steps, as this is a fast-paced overview to keep the tutorial short. Thanks! Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10TO1Ocy4QwGQnuqr01dPao8N8IrhSKA-/view?usp=sharing

Creating a model of CYBERTRUCK on Fusion 360

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Hi Designers, This is probably my first tutorial video in which a step by step tutorial is provided. Cybertruck is one of the greatest marvel in automobile world because of its unique aerodynamic properties. The commands used are: 1 . Insert Canvas for getting an outline of tesla. 2. Tracing through line command 3. Fillet, chamfer and arc. 4. Shapes such as circle and hexagon for wheels. 5. Trim and Mirror. 6. Extrude or Pad (Q) 7. Construct Plane: Offset to selected plane, inclined at an axis. 8. Offset 9. Cut 10. Move and copy And many more... The rendering is also done at the end of this tutorial. The CAD file has already been uploaded in Models section. Please like this tutorial if it proved to be helpful. Happy Designing !!

how to design the cycle chine||design of chine|| roller chine||

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n this video I show how to design the chine and also show how to do the assembly of chine. and its simulation.

Automobile Rim & Wheel Design in NX.

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Hello CAD CAMERS, Happy for sharing the automobile rim and wheel design concepts using siemens NX/UG CAD software. Please watch step by step procedure and understand the command concepts. After completing this video series, you are able to make your own rim and wheel designs. Thank You. https://youtu.be/sJOuR17Obe4

Solidworks Tutorials for Beginners | Designing Rim Spokes of 2 configurations | Solidworks with Kabir

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Welcome to Ep. 10 of "Solidworks with Kabir", this is a beginner tutorial in which we design rim spokes of two different configurations. This video covers only the making of spokes and in order to learn how to design the rim itself do check out this video: https://youtu.be/gRN9OnJQ6yE To support me in my journey feel free to like Like/Comment/Subscribe/Share these videos, they mean a lot. Reach out to me here: Email: pagekabir@gmail.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kabir8.24 Website: https://www.kabir.page/ Linkedin: http://bit.ly/2NfoUxI