Keyshot Animation Tutorial Using Simple Model Of High Bypass Turbojet Engine

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In this tutorial i have used keyshot software for animation purpose. I have used a 3D model of a High Bypass Turbojet Engine for denomsration. It took couple of hours to create the animation video that's why i have skipped that part from the video.

Tutorial: How to model a wide-chord fan in CATIA

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Steps below. Here is the link to the original files. http://grabcad.com/library/high-bypass-turbofan-front-fan

{​Video}​ Topology Optimization

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Topology Optimization is a very powerful tool used to reduce the weight of a component for usage in high-end applications. For example, each part of a Formula One car is optimized as much as it can be optimized using such tools. The tutorial is an example of carrying out the optimization of a bracket using Fusion 360.

Skyscraper, High Rise Building

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this tutorial is how to design a Skyscraper in Revit Architecture,

[S-7]How to use offset and palette tool in creo | Creo Tutorial form Basic for Beginner

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this is the part-7 In this video we can learn about use of offset palette tool.

How to design spring on creo | Helical Sweep | DesignWale GuruG | HinEnglish

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In this video we can learn about helical sweep command. Related Quare:- what is the helical sweep how to use helical sweep in creo basic of helical sweep how to Design spring How to design spring with the help of helical sweep